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3 Electrical Upgrades That Help Sell Your Home

When you place your home for sale on the real estate market, you want your home to stand out from the pack and get noticed. Making your home stand out increases the chances that your home will sell quickly at or near the price you desire.

Often, sellers improve the landscaping of their front yard or remodel the kitchen cabinets and countertops, which can be pricey and labor intensive. One less expensive and simple way to make your home more attractive to buyers is to focus on a few electrical considerations. Your home gets noticed when you invest in these three electrical upgrades.

Outdoor lighting is important because it offers security and adds atmosphere to a home and landscaping. If the outdoor lighting at your home currently consists of one light each at the front and back porches, you probably need to add more.

You can enhance the security of your home when you add additional lights at key points on your property. Place new wall-mounted lights above your garage and driveway for additional coverage. If you do not have a garage, you can still light up the front of your home by implementing foundation lights that shine on portions of your home's exterior and eliminate dark spaces.

Additionally, place solar-powered lights along your front walkway to guide visitors safely to your front door. Install crucial lights in the backyard or other poorly-lit places on the sides and in the corners where family members or guests need to see better at night. Hot tubs, dog runs, or children's play areas especially need more lighting.

You probably plug your computer and TV into a power strip surge protector to prevent damage during an electrical surge. But did you know you can better protect all of your electronics under your roof when you install a whole-house surge protector? Here's how.

A whole-house surge protector protects your electronics from more than just common fluctuations in electrical currents. Downed power lines or lightning strikes cause powerful energy surges capable of destroying anything plugged into an electrical outlet. A power strip is not capable of handling massive amounts of voltage, but a whole-house surge protector will be.

You may use a power strip surge protector for a few electronic devices, but what about the circuitry of your HVAC unit, sensitive GCFI switches, and your expensive oven, washer, and dryer? A whole-house surge protector eliminates the need to purchase a dozen power strips to protect each appliance and electrical gadget you own. It shields your entire home from big and small surges because it is hardwired at your electrical service panel.

Also called a home intercommunication system, a home intercom system allows family members living within a home to communicate to and from various rooms equipped with a station. A master station controls the basic programs of whether another station can speak to other stations or just simply listen.

There are several advantages when a home intercom system is installed in your house. First, residents are able to easily summon or communicate with others without leaving a room. This feature is especially helpful when there are children, elderly people, and those with physical disabilities present.

An intercom system adds an additional level of home security when used in conjunction with a doorbell station. This feature allows family members to speak with a visitor, who could be a stranger, without opening the door. Video features on an intercom system allow you to view who is at your door, even when you are not home.

Adding these three electrical upgrades is a great way to make your home more attractive to buyers. If you want more ideas about how to improve the electrical features in your home, whether you are getting ready to sell or not, visit the electrical professionals at Street Brothers Electric.

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